11 December 2008

SonBeams to SM City

The EBC SonBeams Choir will be serenading SM City Foodcourt this December. Last year, they sang with the EBC Salmo Chorale in the same mall, but in The Event Center. Then after the Cantata, they serenaded the stores until about 10 PM. They were very happy as they went home with a lot of treats from all the stores they delighted.

They have been excitedly rehearsing for the upcoming engagement, bless them. Salmo could have sang again too, but due to some reasons (one, the original plan was for them to serenade homes instead; and two, many singers have other plans for the Yuletide season, so quite a number of them won't be able to join this year's Choral Christmas events). Sigh.

*The image was taken last year in the church, as they sang carols in the Vesper Service.

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