18 December 2008

EBC SonBeams Sang Carols at SM City

    It was almost 7PM and we were running  late for our engagement at the SM City mall which invited my Kids & Adults choirs to sing  Christmas carols. Only the EBC SonBeams (Kids choir) obliged for the Salmo Chorale had other plans. But as we arrived, the technical crew are cramming some last minute changes.


    The stage was already set but my contact person, Atche, who is also a church mate, advised the backstage team to clear the floor area in front of the stage because my kids would have some choreo in their performances and it looks like the stage for its size cannot be very safe for kids to move themselves around as they do their singing and choreos. So, the floor would do. Anyway, the stage will still be our backdrop. The place was quite abuzz with all the goings-on; after all, we were in a food court.


    The place has few diners when we entered. But we brought a crowd with us and the place became semi-filled with people.  As I gave instructions to kids, I felt they were so ready and eager to begin. So on my cue, everyone stood on his/her spot. The kids were amazing.


    The mini concert went smoothly without any technical glitch. 


    The repertoire consisted of six songs. I planned the order for the mood to slowly pick up as concert progresses. I began with two calm songs to prepare the audience. My niece, Jaira Mae sang the solo part on the second song.  The third number is upbeat and picked up the pace, and here's where the choreo started. The fourth song temporary mellowed the pace, but sign language remained part of the performance. The fifth, is the Carols medley part of the program and we concluded with a very trendy and upbeat song with a very apt title. Here they are.


    1. The Story of Gloria
    2. The Miracle
    3. Go, Tell It
    4. The Christmas Tree Medley
    5. The Christmas Carol Medley
    6. Super Duper Christmas


    The first five titles were selections from "Visions of Christmas" by Jeff Slaughter and the finale was taken from the Christmas Cantata with the same title, Super Duper Christmas.


    And we did two sets that night. We were just given a 15-minute break for kids to take some rest and a sip of bottled water. Then a pizza treat for the kids courtesy of the mall as they concluded the final set.


    Come Sunday, we will be presenting it all again in the church. The adults choir, EBC Salmo Chorale will be rendering about five songs as well. It will be a big night; and everything will begin with the Christmas Banquet. Then, we will also be having our church Christmas program after the musical presentations.


    But of course, the highlight of it all will be the Birthday Celebrator Himself, our Lord Jesus. The world may have its focus on everything else and forget the "birthday 'Boy' " but we should be careful to remember Him for He is the only Celebrator who, instead of receiving presents, gave all that we could ever need. Even the gift of eternal life. Praise the Lord.


    A Blessed Christmas, everyone!

       (Photos courtesy of Nadine Cruz and Bethel Faye Galvez)

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