17 August 2008

wow, my very first

Hello there! This is my first blog; and I can't wait to write about many things. But for now, let me bore you with the details about me. He he he.

I am a choir director for twenty-five years now. My very first singers already have grandkids. Right now, I handle two choirs in my home church (Emmanuel Baptist Church); the EBC SALMO Chorale, an adult choir; and EBC Heirs, a high-school choir.

I could say that I am satisfied with where I finally concentrated my talents. I used to be very scatter-brained. Totally confused in finding my true calling, I worked in the past as Architectural draftsman ( I had three years of BS Architecture), tested my artistry in animations (working as 'In-betweener'), I even submitted and had several romance book cover designs printed on a local publishing house (where i painted scenes of romantic theme); and my other passion, mural paintings where my clients were usually churches and schools. I did not finish my college, maybe that is why I kept on looking for something which I really did not find. Until I really focused on choir conducting.

There were many ups and downs in my choir life. There were many instances where I was tempted to give up altogether and find another (again) job. But with the Lord's blessings and guidance, here I remain. I met so many people in my stint. People come and go. Quite sad (me being here while people mill around life and pursue their dreams after their stint in the choir), but at the same time, exciting as I see new faces grow and mature in this ministry. Besides, I am constantly reminded by the Lord to keep on.

Somebody gave me a software for creating minus ones for my choir; and I absolutely enjoyed it and the choir has been using my created minus ones Sunday after Sunday. By this program, our church pianists are less burdened with studying accompaniments. But of course, they still play a lot during our worship services.
I also play the piano. I love the piano. I am still yet to buy myself one. I used to have a keyboard but it has a short life span. Got rid of it. But my church has a baby grand which I adore. Whenever I am in the church, it is my special corner. I can play all day without getting tired--I mean without losing enthusiasm. If only I can bring it home-lol.

Well, I will continue to bore you in my next post. Expect more of me. Ok, I will only mention what you would probably care to read. Mabuhay!

P.S. Asap I will post pictures of my Choirs as if you requested them. :-)

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