18 August 2008


What's with the name-you may ask. To tell you the truth, it dawned on me moments after I decided to launch this blog. In our church, our theme for the month is Prophecy, a.k.a. eschatology.

Eschatology- Gk eschatos n. body of teachings about last or final things, as death, resurrection, judgment, the millenium, etc.

Our pastor talked lengthily on the subject, and it engaged my mind all day long. So there, how I came up with the name onedaysoon, as in 'one day soon.'

You might be tempted to ask, "is it really soon? What made him say so? What are the signs? Does the Bible give hints or whatever that it is really at hand? At this day and age? Come on, so many church men have faltered in this area many times already. And they suffered disgrace and humiliation as the predicted day came and passed; bringing doubts to the faithful and more so the unconverted.

I will not try to preach here; I will leave that to my pastor. Not today at least, I cannot promise I won't ever. Ha ha ha. Sometimes I can't help it. Well, all I can say is (Oh no, here goes...), as I have summed up through all these years of listening to different preachers and as per my personal Bible study (believe it or not), the event is imminent. Meaning, it will transpire at any moment any day now.

Maybe next month, while you are traveling on an out-of-town weekend, the cloud suddenly roll away like a theater curtain and you guessed what is happening. Gasping, you say, "Oh no, not today."

Or maybe in three days time, as you are about to take a mid-term exam and without having the time to review for it. And you heaved a deep sigh of relief.

Kidding aside, the 'dreaded' day will surely come. As sure as the sun coming up in the morning, the great day will arrive. It maybe tomorrow, it maybe today; morning as you eat your breakfast, or as you are sound asleep at night. Who knows. No one. Evangelists should have learned their lessons by now. And you know what? He (Jesus) will come "as a thief in the night." Imagine a thief's frame of mind as he plans his 'mission'.

The big question is, are you ready for His appearing? What gives you the idea, if ever, that He is bringing you good news on that day? Will it be a day of rejoicing for you? Or will it be, as I said, that "dreaded day?" Actually, it's your call, believe it or not.

A song said, "The day is coming, and it won't be long. I'll fly away to my home." With all humility I say, the song is very true for me. I hope it will be the same for you too, my friend.

On my next post, I will also write on my other reasons for coining this blog's name. Maybe tomorrow, or the next day. Regards.

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