17 March 2012

Why Meeeee?

All too often we hear people say that, don't we? In the news, an unfortunate thing happens, a loved one meets an accident and well, dies. Then the wife, in her pit of emotion asks, "Why him? …of all the people? Too many good-for-nothing punks all around….why him?" Tgsk!

Ok, ok,I get it. So she is unhappy and heartbroken. But she should weep and let the tears flow without wishing her misfortune on somebody else. What if somebody sees me as just another punk in the neighborhood and I happen to pass by as she cries her eyes out? Does her tragedy qualify her to wish the curse on me?

Peeps, try to avoid that eh? Because that is bigotry. It's like a widowed woman hating another woman for not having the same woes.