25 March 2009

For the Geek and the Jock

by Yanita

It may seem that sports jocks and intellectual types don’t mix, but there’s something that both can like in common. And that is online games. With online games made for the athlete and the straight-A student, these two personalities have something they both can agree on.

For the varsities and sports-minded, there are several sport games online. And it’s not just one sport we’re talking about here. We’re talking about all sports ever known in this green earth. You have tennis, golf, football, basketball, soccer and other more games to choose from. Sports games are something that athletes are sure to like as these games do not only simulate their favorite sport, they also provide somewhat the same kind of difficulty and gameplay. Although in the virtual world, these games still bring out the sportsman in every athlete.

For the those looking for intellectual and mental challenge, there are lots of strategy games and puzzle games online. These games challenge the mental acuity and the logical aptitude of people with intellectual leanings. From memory games, to real time strategy games, there are plenty of games that can give the mind a good sweat and twist. Aside from those, you can also play board games online. Whether it’s the classics, like chess, scrabble or backgammon, or the new original board games, there are plenty of choices for board game lovers.

And these games are not bad in the graphics and sound department either. Though your console games are definitely better, but for online games, their quality is comparable. Gone are the days where you get pixelated or polygonic figures and animation. Nowadays, even small online games feature smooth lines, animation and shading. Actually, you’ll be quite impressed on how well these games look like and play.

And the best thing about these games is that most of them are free. You can play free online sports games and board online games without paying for anything. You can play these games as much and as often as you want. And that’s not all; the games offered in online gaming sites does not just offer sports and strategy games, you can also find other types of games such as adventure games, shooting games and racing games. You have a wide selection of different games to choose from.

Whether you’re looking to play board games or your favorite sport free games that will help you do just that are available in the internet. Though jocks and nerds are poles apart, they come together in finding a game that will interest each through online games.

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