07 January 2009

Oh Dear Choir!


The previous year's 4th quarter developments (or whatever you may want to call it) in the choir put me in a reality-check of sorts. I realized that my Adults choir is terribly out of shape after many singers opted  out of the Christmas choral events.


Covenant Signing

Prior to this, I merged my Youth and Adults choirs for the Christmas season. I even printed  a poster covenant to let people sign in. Sad part is: a considerable number of trained singers have "resigned" halfway through. Then I realized that I am left with mostly newbies in the singing ministry.


Christmas Events

And to cut a sad story short, when a shopping mall invited us to grace their Christmas events, I had to shrug my shoulders and not accept the invite. My consolation is that my Kids Choir was also invited and for the second time around, they sang Carols at this mall.


Re-Auditions Coming Up

I have decided to re-audition everybody so that 1: I could examine every new singer and design a plan for them to be equipped with the best training I can give them; and 2: so that I can monitor my regular singers and see where each of them stand. But how do I-pray tell me-reject people who cannot really sing but want to really be a part of this group. I know you have quick witted remarks in your heads, but I say it's easier said than done.


Sense of Accountability

I also saw that I need to address the lack of dedication among them. And the growing lack of enthusiasm  in the  ministry they are in. What made me really think was when those who aren't well-trained exhibit the lack of sense of accountability. Well, there are those who behaved well; they kept a set of the Christmas pieces which they bring home to review. Sadly, about 75% were happy-go-lucky types. I failed to notice earlier that they have not heeded my instruction to get their own individual set of copies.


The Price Paid

Too late for me when I noticed that they search for copies as we rehearse week after week. It's my fault, I grew very relaxed when it comes to behavior. "Laging nasa huli ang pagsisisi." (Regrets always comes at the end), so goes a famous Filipino saying.



I don't believe in New Year's Resolutions. I'd rather not, for many resolutions do not succeed. But this is my resolve-refurbish this choir.  We'll see what we can do.


Cartoon on top courtesy of http://www.reverendfun.com/


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