27 August 2008


A very good friend of mine Aerol (a fresh grad of Aeronautical Engineering), before going to an out-of-town vacation of sorts, left his Yamaha Portable Grand DGX-505 in my care. He will be gone for about two weeks, so he figured it is good if it is handed over to me than let it gather mold in a corner of his room. And wow! It was a real treat. Everyday I look forward to playing it. It has magnificent sound, alone or with a portable speaker. I sure would be very glad to own one for my own room. I think it would cost about USD1700 (about PHP75,000). Will I ever own one? Who knows. I might (with fingers crossed and eyes rolled up to heaven). Who would have thought I could buy me a Honda motorbike.

I had several chances of using it in our church; on several fellowships, worship services and on one big occasion, when we presented the concert Sing! It was an awesome addition to all the instruments. It provided professional sound to our presentation. A guest, when I chanced upon him after the event said that he thought we were indeed using pre-recorded music as we sang and played other live instruments but later realized that we weren't, as he saw me playing on the musicians' corner of the stage. I loved it. State-of -the -art!

This definitely is No.1 in my Wish List, with a Mac laptop and my own house occupying the 2nd and 3rd slots respectively. Will someone please initiate a fund-raising? :)

Aerol, you can go out-of-town all you like and consign your portable grand with me. I got it covered. :)

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Mjuboy said...

That looks a pretty nice Portable Grand :), I've played on one before but I dont think it was as good as this one.